What's an Organya?

2015-03-22 18:10:06 by ShinigamiMachine

Some of you may have seen that my latest track is an Organya remake, what you may be wondering is "What's an Organya?". Well here I am to educate you! An Organya is the filetype used and created by the program Org Maker. Simple right? But now you may be curious about Org Maker, since it isn't a super popular program. Org Maker is a (very) basic DAW created by Studio Pixel (the guy who made Cave Story). It has a unique chiptune-ish sound and quite a few limitations. The limitations are that you can only use 8 different (basic) sounds, and each sound can only be playing one note at any given time. This makes recreating some of Dimrain47's masterpieces quite a challenge, but it is fun all the way through. Finishing a track really gives a great sense of accomplishment.

If anyone is interested in trying Org Maker out, you can download it here:

http://www.cavestory.org/download/music-tools.php (Be sure to get the latest version: 2.1.0)